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Darnall’s loves my child without leaving me with the feeling of being “replaced” and feels more like an extension of our family rather than a necessity that comes with returning to work.

Allison J. - Parent

Choosing a daycare is one of the hardest decisions a mother has to make. I chose Darnall’s 4 years ago for my baby. I remember the first day- as I dropped off my 3
month old and cried. Mrs. Frances comforted me that my child would be ok. She phoned me a couple of times through-out the day to reassure me that my baby was is good hands.  When I picked him up- he was as happy as could be. Which was a relief to me. That child is now in Pre K and is advanced for his class. The teachers at Darnall’s have a structured curriculum that they follow that suits each individual age. I now have my 1 year old at Darnall’s- he’s been there since he was 3 months. I’m completely satisfied and worry free. Thank you Darnall School for helping me continue my career while I know that my children are in good hands.

Dee Dee H. - Parent

Darnall School has been the biggest blessing for our family since moving to Little Rock.  We absolutely love that each class is small because it allows for lots of one on one attention for your child. The teachers our wonderful which is not surprising as they are led by the kindest, sweetest woman, Ms. Frances.  They keep in constant contact with the parents and also love when parents call just to check in, most day cares are not that way. Our son is now and the pre-k class and the amount that he is learning has been so impressive.  He is learning to count in Spanish, sign language and LOVES to say the Pledge of Allegiance!  We could not be happier about the care our son gets at Darnall’s!

Maci M. - Parent

It is difficult to explain how important it is to have childcare you trust to someone who has never truly been dependent upon it. I once heard that having children was like having your heart born outside of yourself and made vulnerable to the world. That comes as close as you can get to adequately describing it, I suppose. I agonized about who would care for our first baby when the time came for me to return to work and chose wrongly despite how strongly I felt about it then and now. I went with a recommendation from a friend – a big daycare chain with loads of shiny, sparkling toys. I found out quickly that the reason for those toys was to care for the children in a mostly hands off approach with very tiny children.Darnall’s wasn’t just a life raft from that sinking situation, it was a ship better built for nurturing and loving both our child and our family through that most difficult first year of life. The biggest and best toy at Darnall’s is the love and devotion of Ms. Frances and her dedicated staff. THE TEACHER was the toy and I would regularly drop by to find smiling, loving women on the mat with our babies, engaging and playing with the children.

Ms. Frances is insistent upon a compassionate, hands-on approach that encourages all facets of development during those critical first years. My daughter was different after one week of being loved at Darnall’s and has grown into a four-year-old who still considers “school” one of her favorite places on Earth. We chose Darnall’s from 4 months to 4 years and I have recommended it to people I cherish, people I want to impress, and those I see heading down the very same path I found myself on for that horrible first month at the highly-commercialized daycare.

Darnall’s loves my child without leaving me with the feeling of being “replaced” and feels more like an extension of our family rather than a necessity that comes with returning to work. I think my mother said it best when she saw the happiness that returned to our family after finding Darnall’s, “Allison, the very best childcare doesn’t just care for the child while loving and teaching her. You know they are the best because they love and nurture the baby’s Momma.” It’s true! I was a better mother, wife, employee and friend when I had the assurance that my tiny baby was happy and healthy while we were apart during the day. To this day, if I have a concern, it is addressed. If I have a question, everyone rushes to answer it. I have made it my business to know what goes into my child’s day while she is away from us, and every year have become more grateful for the blessing of Darnall’s Daycare.

Allison J. - Parent

Like many parents, we were faced with the daunting task of finding a quality daycare for our daughter. We were looking for a place that would leave us confident that she was in a safe, nurturing environment. We found that place in Darnall School.

It is truly a blessing to be able to leave our daughter knowing she is enjoying her time at “school” and is well taken care of.  She has grown so much with her communication, social, and educational skills. She has blossomed into an individual and surprises us each day with what she has learned.

We know we made the right choice because she often doesn’t want to leave when we come to pick her up. Thank you Darnall School for having a genuine interest in our daughter and for making such an incredible effort everyday!!

Terra and Paul M. - Parents

Our daughter has attended Darnall School since February of 2009 when she was 5 months old. We have always been very pleased with the school, staff, daily activities and learning experiences. She has flourished in each age group classroom.  Learning her colors, shapes, the alphabet, and numbers as well as important social skills, she will certainly be ready for kindergarten.  The staff is patient, caring, and nurturing, and we have always felt that she is well cared for while we are at work. We have and will continue to recommend Darnall School to others.

Betsy and Justin R. - Parents

Darnall School is known as the best of the best. The staff loves each child and teaches them how to make wise choices.

Ms. Gwen - Assistant Director

I went to Darnall School as a child, and I’ve sent my kids there as well.  It’s a great place for kids.

Chris B. - Parent