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A Place for your Toddler to Learn and Grow…

Your toddler is growing every day as they explore and discover more about the world around them. At Darnall School we encourage their hands on exploration and social interaction through age specific activities and directed play.  Our focus is on establishing a learning-rich environment where your child can build confidence and a sense of belonging where they can demonstrate their newly learned skills.  It is our goal to help your child develop the self-esteem and skills needed to prepare for preschool and beyond.

Darnalls Age Specific Learning Helps Your Toddler:

  • Explore their surrounding, promote their growing independence, and enhance their social skills.
  • Learn through play at our many learning and activity centers designed to encourage language, reading, construction, math, fine motor, art, science and sensory skills.
  • Develop more independence through age-appropriate activities.
  • Gain self confidence and self help skills in a relaxed and secure environment
  • Communicate more effectively through the use of hand signs, gestures, and activities geared toward enhancing their vocabulary.

Parent Partnership:

Communication is essential. As parents, you deserve to know everything that happens while your child is in our care. We make great efforts to ensure that you are always informed and we love to share with you your child’s experiences through daily communication. To make sure the care we provide is just right for you and your toddler, we ask that you communicate schedule, nutritional guidelines, and any other requirements specific to your child so that we can create an individualized plan for their care.