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Summer Programs

If you are looking for a safe and fun environment for your child over the summer, consider taking part in our “Summer of Fun” at Darnall School. The summer months are a great time for children to further enjoy and expand upon the concepts they learned in school. Participating in the summer program offered by Darnall School will help your child learn while having fun. Our activities during the summer are fun and exciting for children of all ages.

Our camp (which runs from June 1st to August 14th), offers students the opportunity to strengthen friendships as well as meet new children with whom they can interact in a fun and safe environment.  In fact, one of the most exciting aspects of our summer program is our weekly themes that the children enjoy.

Some examples of the weekly themes include:

Wild, Wild West
Students explore what it is like to be a cowboy/cowgirl and enjoy S’mores.
My Family and Me:
Children discover their family roots and learn how to interact positively
with their siblings and parents.
The Rainforest:
Children learn about the various animals that inhabit the rainforest.
Crafts from Nature/Recyclable Art:
Students learn how to create art from materials provided in nature and
recycled products.
A Trip to the Ocean:
Students explore ocean wildlife and enjoy the water.
5 Senses:
Children learn how to use their 5 senses to explore their world safely.
When Dinosaurs Lived:
Children learn about the enormous scale of dinosaur sizes and discover
when and where they lived.

In addition to the weekly themes, children are given the opportunity to enjoy special events every Friday that tie into the theme of each week. These events are excellent opportunities to accent each theme in a positive and creative way. Some examples of special Friday events include:

● Favorite Sports Player/Team Day
● Bandana/Brilliant Scarf Day
● Class/School Picnic
● Face Paint Day
● Crazy Hat Day
● Crazy Hair Day
● Pajama Day
● Red, White and Blue Day

Our summer programs are designed by the teachers and parents — so you can be assured that a our wide variety of theme related activities and field trips are designed to peak your child’s interest and nurture opportunities for learning.

We’re planning on having a GREAT Summer of Fun and learning.  We hope you’ll join us!

For more information or to Enroll, contact us at Call 501-225-4462.