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Our Philosophy

Darnall School believes in developing the whole child by meeting your child specific needs.  We do this through learning, playing and growing every day. Weekly themes are incorporated into your child’s education to help meet their individual needs and encourage them as they step into a brighter, more active future.

The Darnall School curriculum is structured around the Four Key Elements of Early Child Development: Social, Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional.

Developing Socially

From the first day- your child begins communicating both non-verbally and verbally with others to engage the world around them.  Your child will make new friends, acquire self-esteem, and gain confidence for healthy relationships.

Physical Development

We focus on motor skill development, coordination and exercise to ensure healthy bodies for your child.  We incorporate two outside recesses daily to help children grow up safe and strong.  Gymnastics is included as a part of our program.

Developing Intellectually

The Darnall School Curriculum is based on “Adventures in Learning,” and includes a wide variety of learning experiences such as sign language, Spanish, computer and language development skills.  Critical thinking skills, memory, reasoning and repetition are included through age appropriate cognitive activities.  Reading, writing and math are also included in your child’s day.  We take pride in our academic opportunities, and work each and every day on preparing your child for school while we learn through play and activities.

Emotional Development

Darnall School is a “home away from home” for your child.  We provide a nurturing, safe, happy environment for each and every family. We want you to feel comfortable and worry free when you drop your child off at our doors, and we want your children to gain confidence, trust and independence.